Meet our teachers!


Theo (Founder)

I've been playing music since I was ten years old, first the trumpet and later the guitar. Although I can teach a variety of genres, my passions include fingerstyle folk and jazz. I'm especially influenced by Adam Rafferty, Stephan Wrembel, Louis Armstrong, and John Coltrane.

I believe that if learning guitar is ever frustrating or unwelcoming to the student, the teacher has to take a different approach. 

My vision is simple: help the next generation of Portlanders express themselves through music. 



I have been playing guitar for nearly 15 years now. As a youngster, I also took guitar lessons, learning theory and lots of pop and rock songs. Nowadays, I'm more of a Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Indie, influenced guitarist. 

My favorite artists range from the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, J Dilla, D'angelo, to Iron Maiden.  

 I love to teach! I make fun my top priority, and I want students to always walk away with a positive impression of music. I pride myself on being informative and direct while remaining very patient and relaxed. 



My musical journey began with piano and violin, but coming from a family of
guitarists, the guitar always fascinated me. I’ve now been playing for over 6 years,
with a focus on folk and rock.

I play ukulele, give singing lessons, and love helping students write their own music. Some of my favorite guitarists include Joni Mitchell
and Paul Simon, but I can get into pretty much anything with a good riff! 

I think guitar lessons should be fun and unique to each student. One of the coolest
things about learning guitar is discovering you can play your favorite music – or
create something that’s all your own. My teaching style is based on finding what’s
enjoyable and creating a strong foundation in technique and rhythm so that you are
excited about picking up the guitar.



I've been playing guitar for 13 years and giving lessons for the past 6 years. My main influences are blues, funk, jazz, and rock. Some guitarists I've been digging recently are: Isaiah Mitchell, Cory Wong, Julian Lage and Marcus King.

I emphasize learning many songs, developing good technique for a clear tone, and fostering a strong foundation of playing in time. This prepares students for playing in a band or as a solo performer. I especially enjoy helping beginning students. I love teaching a bunch of styles - jazz, folk, rock, pop, funk. We'll make learning the guitar fun and rewarding!



I found an affinity for playing acoustic guitar when I was 14. Continuing to take piano lessons through my teen years, I taught myself guitar with Pete Townshend, The Beatles, and Paul Simon in the foreground for inspiration. Learning these songs and stylings of inspiring musicians has been most resourceful for discovering what resonates with me.

Now in my third year studying jazz guitar and music composition at Portland State, my musical inspirations and interests have expanded greatly (Gilad Hekselman is a favorite guitarist). Improvisation and songwriting are my two strongest interests now. I still recognize musical vocabulary coming out of me in improvisation and writing from those beginning guitar years.

I'm eager to teach the technique, theory and songs that will help uncover and enjoy what is musically resonating in those early years.



As a father of two beautiful daughters, and as a former preschool teacher, I enjoy the challenge and reward of teaching children. I always look forward to helping my students explore the inner music that resonates within themselves.

As a child, I would often listen to my father play his guitar, the sounds of flamenco music filling the air. Music has always been an integral part of my life, but I didn't begin playing until 21 years ago. I purchased an old fender electric guitar at a pawn shop on the Oregon coast and began teaching myself. 

I am influenced by all types of music. I particularly enjoy playing and teaching the genres of blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop, R&B and music with Latin influence. Some of my favorite artists include Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Billie Holiday.

My teaching style has an emphasis on melody, chord structure, timing and technique. I often keep the students engaged by keeping the lessons fun and relevant to their particular musical interests.



I am a guitarist, pianist, bassist, composer and songwriter native to Portland. I began performing at 15 with my high school band in venues like the Hawthorne Theater and now defunct Satyricon.

I am a graduate of Portland State's College of the Arts with a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition with Jazz Guitar focus. I am also a frequent performer in the Portland music community where I play a variety of instruments and styles. With experience in rock, jazz, folk, country, and pop, I can help your student achieve their musical goals regardless of age or experience level.

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I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7 years old, which is a really long time. Over the
years I’ve played in punk, indie rock, country, and soul bands. In that time, I’ve made
a few records, written a lot of songs, and toured around the U.S. and beyond.

I’ve also studied jazz, classical and fingerstyle guitar. These days, however, I am happiest
sharing what I’ve learned with others.
I think learning guitar should be fun and I work hard to make sure lessons are a good time. I focus on teaching students what they want to know so they can saywhat they want through music.
Some of my favorite players are Keith Richards, Jim Hall, Johnny Marr, Bert Jansch,
Lightnin’ Hopkins and you.