Daily Challenges

The most common question we get from parents is, by far, “how often should we be practicing?” This is a hard question to answer without sounding like yoda. Practice, fun it must be. Should, only a word it is. But frankly, how we practice is how we live.

If your musician is told to practice for half an hour each day, she will likely see music as an obligation. She’ll sit down at the guitar in order to put in the time, and she’ll rush through the material. When we rush through something as beautiful as making music, we’re more likely to rush through the little things, like brushing our teeth or eating our dinner. And before you know it, we’ve grown up!

So, is there a way to help your musician savor that music time? Totally! The reason video games are so hard to put down is that they have progressively harder challenges and constantly changing obstacles. What if playing guitar could be as fun as playing a video game? It can!

“I just need to finish this level!” just became “I need to finish this phrase!” Please ask your teacher about getting daily challenges that will LEVEL UP the fun your musician is having with that guitar!