5 Ways to Make Practice More Fun


No one picks up an instrument because they’re looking for more stress. And yet, effort is stressful. So how do you take the effort out of your practice time?

1. Play softly and slowly

Holding tension in your hands becomes a habit. Neither you nor your listeners want to hear you tensing up. If you’re making any mistakes at all, you’re playing too fast.

2. Close your eyes

No need to strain over your guitar, looking at your fingers. Lean back and feel yourself breathe. Are you holding tension in your neck, your jaw? Notice how you feel.

4. Listen

Listening closely to each note is more helpful than telling yourself to play a certain way. Giving your fingers commands will just form a cloud of judgment between you and your music. This will add to your tension. But if you’re just listening closely, you’ll hear what the guitar wants you to say.

5. Try another technique

If changing from one chord to another keeps producing an accidental note, re-arrange your fingers on that 2nd chord until you get the sound you want. Play that chord in the new position a few times before making the switch again, slowly.